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The digital space for audio is growing exponentially and has allowed us to extend additional opportunities to our clients. Having a highly respected leader of radio industry like Norm Pattiz form a new venture with Kit Gray, an expert in the area of digital media, is very exciting. These two innovators working together will create important opportunities within the changing media landscape.   
Patty Newmark, President & CEO, Newmark Advertising
"I founded Westwood One with one program in a one room office in Westwood. It eventually became a multi-billion dollar media company that owned, managed or distributed NBC Radio, CBS News, CNN Radio, The Mutual Broadcasting System, NFL Football, NCAA Basketball, The Super Bowl, the Winter and Summer Olympic games plus a wide variety of traffic, talk, and entertainment programming.

PodcastOne Sales (formerly Launchpad Digital Media) has direct access to hundreds of millions of listeners and viewers without the constraints of distribution through stations, broadcast or cable networks, and satellite distributors. With nearly 90 million monthly downloads we currently deliver over 1 billion downloads annually.

Our ability to aggregate content gives us the critical mass to generate significant revenue for the producers we represent and the companies programming as well. By focusing on marketing, promotion, and advertising sales we give producers the flexibility to own and control their own content and continue to display their entrepreneurial skills.

In today's ever changing media environment, I'm excited to now provide outstanding programming and unlimited access on all digital platforms. PodcastOne Sales promises to deliver compelling programming anytime, anyplace, anyhow."

NMX14 Keynote: The Future of Podcasting

Leo Laporte (Owner and Chief of TWiT.tv) moderates a discussion on the future of podcasting with Norman Pattiz (Founder of Westwood One and PodcastOne) and Noah Shanock (Founder of Stitcher) during the New Media Expo '14 keynote. The discussion centers on the trends and direction of traditional syndicated radio, on-demand audio and audio podcasting.

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