Weird Medicine

Since 2007, Weird Medicine has been the first and still only uncensored medical show in broadcast radio history on the Opie and Anthony Channel on SiriusXM. Now, the same crew that continues to shock, horrify, entertain and inform the satellite airwaves is producing a weekly podcast! This is a medical show for people who would never listen to a medical show on the internet (or anywhere else).


312 - A Pox Upon Your House

Dr Steve and crew discuss PA John's high gravity stealth-beer, OTC remedies for allergies, organ donation, varicella vaccine, sauna safety, kratom (again), kava, and more!   Please visit:
01:02:30 5/15/2018

Past Episodes

In which Dr Steve and crew discuss Evy's boyfriend's temerity, cervical radiculopathy, absence seizures, fugue states, leg hair, and more. Visit:
00:55:33 5/9/2018
Dr Steve discusses the merits of adult vaccination for varicella zoster (the virus that causes chickenpox and shingles). Also mortality associated with certain sleeping pills and the alternative OTC meds. STUFF.DOCTORSTEVE.COM
00:55:33 5/1/2018
Brian from RadioFreaks podcast monopolizes the show in a subtle and successful effort to do to Weird Medicine what Dr Steve did to his show when Colin Quinn was on (go to r/drsteve on Reddit for more info!) Well played, sir. CHECK OUT:
00:55:33 4/28/2018
The crew discuss nuts that are passed through a goat GI tract before ingestion, cutting board safety, magic meat labels, lumbar pain, dead bugs and more! Please visit STUFF.DOCTORSTEVE.COM
00:55:33 4/18/2018
Dr Steve and crew discuss the intestinal ramifications of a low carbohydrate diet, revisit the California coffee scare, discuss evidence based acupuncture recommendations, and more. Please visit STUFF.DOCTORSTEVE.COM
00:55:33 4/11/2018
Dr Steve discusses the recent coffee scare in California, adult plantar warts, DNA conspiracy theories, genetic relationships, blood in the splooge and more!
00:55:33 4/4/2018
Lots and lots of calls this week, as Dr Steve is not distracted by Lady Diagnosis or Dr Scott. Topics include bent genitalia, methadone tapers, rhinoceros poaching, dry mouth, bleeding problems, and more! Please visit STUFF.DOCTORSTEVE.COM!
00:55:33 3/28/2018
Around 12 years ago, Dr Steve and PA John did the first Weird Medicine on XM channel 202 during the "Saturday Night Virus." This show chronicles Dr Steve's 1st appearance on O&A and that 1st show.   STUFF.DOCTORSTEVE.COM
01:14:17 3/20/2018
In this "very special episode," Dr Steve and crew discuss the current opioid crisis and how it's affecting legitimate pain patients. Pseudoaddiction and other topics are discussed. STUFF.DOCTORSTEVE.COM
00:55:33 3/13/2018
Dr Steve and Dr Scott discuss: using a stun gun as a defibrillator (don't), "day after" contraception, aromatherapy myths and facts, chronic migraines, and how to sniff out cancer. STUFF.DOCTORSTEVE.COM
00:55:33 3/6/2018

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