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Robert Kelly has overcome many hardships in his life, all of which have made him the actor/comedian he is today. From his early days growing up as a kid in Boston going in and out of Juvenile Hall, Kelly's unique, honest take on his own life and relationship make his comedy clever, abrasive, funny but also refreshingly vulnerable. His extensive TV comedy credits include Comedy Central Presents, HBO's Tourgaism, and Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn. Kelly play's Louie CK's brother on FX's Louie, appears as a detective opposite Vincent D'Onofrio on Law & Order: Criminal Intent, and has a starring role on ABC's The Job with Dennis Leary.


Give Her Clams

This week on YKWD: Yannis Pappis in the studio hosting for Bobby while...This week on YKWD: Yannis Pappis in the studio hosting for Bobby while he is in Montreal for the JFL Festival! We have guest Ian Fidance back on to divulge more into his crazy sex life. Yannis and Lauren talk about growing up Guido, and Aaron Berg makes it in half way with a great and hysterical entrance. We talk about Aaron's time as an exotic dancer and share our hard limits! Watch/Listen/Share/Enjoy Dudes!   Show More

02:04:28 7/23/2017

Past Episodes

This week on YKWD; With Robert Kelly back from his trip to Belgium, we have a packed house and all star line up! The original and Puerto Rican Rattle Snake himself Luis J. Gomez, from Tuesdays with Stories Mark Normand and new to the show Ian Fidance! Lauren attempts to give Luis sugar in his coffee and watch how he explains how his body is currently IN KETOSIS! Luis and Bobby get into it a little bit, Mark Normand is sharp and quicker than ever and we find out more about Ian's crazy sexual history. You dudes are gonna wanna hear this one! Watch/Listen/Share/Enjoy!
02:19:26 7/16/2017
This week on YKWD; We have guest host filling in for Bobby while his off in Montreal, the hilarious Lynne Koplitz! We talk bad break ups and crazy ex stories while sipping on her homemade Bourbon Tea. She invites her hilarious close friends and comedian Greer Barnes in the talk more about their worst one night stands and crazy bad break ups and ex's. Lynne's Netflix special is airing soon, so make sure you Dudes tune in!! Watch/Listen/Share/Enjoy!
01:03:02 7/9/2017
This week on YKWD: We have Tim Dillon, Christi Chiello and Eli Sairs Dudes! We find out about Eli's red neck life and some hysterically racist games they would play. We broke down the catholic religion and talked creepy demons and ghosts that Eli and Christi are petrified of. Tim Dillon calls BS on the whole thing. We get into politics in comedy and Lauren and Christi give Bobby a sweet daddy card! Watch/Listen/Share/Enjoy Dudes!!!
02:12:20 7/2/2017
We have a hell of an episode with Robert Kelly and Guests Yannis Pappis, Mike Feeney, and Shuli Egar! We get into some hilarious banter and Yannis and Lauren go back and forth! Noam the owner of the Comedy cellar stops in and things get tense! We rip on Mike about his arm and things get a little heated! Watch/Listen/Share/Enjoy Dudes!!
01:57:46 6/25/2017
This week on YKWD; We have a hysterical episode dudes! Robert Kelly invites on Mike Vecchione, Mike Cannon and Kerry Coddett! Fresh off his appearance on the Tonight Show, Bobby breaks down Mike Vecchione's awesome and hysterical set, in which Mike Likes! Mike Cannon shares his high school stairwell blow job stories, with some special treats on the side. Bobby crushes over Kerry big time, with a call in from Bobby's wife Dawn! Watch/Listen/Share/Enjoy Dudes!
02:12:33 6/18/2017
This week on YKWD: We have a hell of a episode with Robert Kelly & Guests Mike Lawrence, Joe List and Evan Williams Dudes! We break down the recent video Wil Sylvince took of a Philly chick screaming at a cop outside of a comedy club. We talk movie trivia, take calls, and fidget spin our whole way through the episode! Watch/Listen/Share/Enjoy Dudes!
02:53:22 6/11/2017
This week on YKWD: We have a killer episode with Robert Kelly and Guests Paul Virzi, Liza Treygar and Greg Fitzsimmons! Liza opens up about a new lesbian long distance romance she's gotten herself into and how she is now "switching teams!" We talk vibrators and porn which gets extremely hot and heavy and leads to a shut down on the YKWD YouTube Page. Jim Serpico also swings by to hang! Watch/Listen/Share/Enjoy and find out what happens in this week's crazy episode!
02:26:10 6/4/2017
This week on YKWD; Bobby Kelly unfortunately can't make it to the studio but Original Yannis Pappis takes over for as guest host! We have guests Chris Distefano, and Stavros Halkias on as guests as well! We get down to some hard hitting reasons to never get married and we get a surprise visit from Cipha Sounds and Liz! Watch/Listen/Share/Enjoy Dudes!
01:43:24 5/28/2017
Description; This week on YKWD, Robert Kelly invites guests Joe List, Mike Finoia, and Lenny Marcus! Bobby, Joe and Mike discuss how they're 'lifer's' in therapy and try and talk Lenny into it. We talk about Joe's recent Conan appearance and tally up Bobby's 'Fucks' and reach some great fan emails! Watch/Listen/Share/Enjoy!
02:20:43 5/21/2017

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